The 7 Raise Rules

Knowing how to ask for a raise is now more important than ever since companies are
cutting back on yearly increases. In Raise Rules For Women: How To Make More
Money At Work you'll learn what to say and what not to say when you talk to your boss.
You'll also discover how you might be holding yourself back from getting a higher raise
and what you need to do about it. What bothers you? Are you uncomfortable with
discussing salary? Do you dislike the idea of negotiating for a raise? Are you afraid that
your boss will be mad at you? Are you concerned that he or she will say no? These are
all common issues faced by women and there are answers for all of them.

Many reasons cause women not to get raises at work; however, two main issues could
affect you:

Raise Stopper  #1
"I don't want to upset my manager."  Many women say they're afraid that mentioning they
want a raise could damage their good working relationship with their bosses. I've never
heard a man say that. Men know that asking for a raise and the negotiation that follows
is all part of the game of business. But many women are so concerned about preserving
the relationship that they won't even discuss a raise. You'll learn how you how you can
ask for a raise in a way that can build an even stronger relationship with your manager
and make him or her see you as more valuable.

Raise Stopper #2
"I shouldn't have to ask; my manager should just give me a raise."  Sitting back and
waiting for someone to just give you what you want doesn't work with significant others
at home and it certainly doesn't work at the office. Don't expect your boss to read your
mind. Part of this issue is connected to how hard it can be for us to ask for what we
want, especially when it involves money. Women find it difficult to stand up and
negotiate for themselves. It's even more difficult if it involves pressure or win-lose tactics
by the other person. But there are many ways that you can learn to be more comfortable
with asking and negotiations so you can get what you want.

The 7 Raise Rules will help you to effectively deal with these and other Raise Stoppers,
so let's review them:
Raise Rule #1: It's business; it's not personal
Raise Rule #2: Be confident that you deserve a raise
Raise Rule #3: Build a business case
Raise Rule #4: Work with your boss
Raise Rule #5: Ask for what you want
Raise Rule #6: Respond positively, no matter what the answer is
Raise Rule #7: No doesn't mean no forever, it means no for right now

To see how these rules can help you to get the raise you want, order the book now.
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