Who wants to get a raise at work?

You do.
By  Laura C. Browne  and  Jill L. Ferguson
If you're like most women, though, you'll delay
asking for a raise because it seems so difficult.

Instead you'll hint and suggest while hoping
that your boss will offer you the raise you want.
Unfortunately hinting and suggesting are not
useful strategies at work.

This book offers you 7 easy-to-follow
Raise Rules that you can use to get  the salary
increase you deserve. The authors examine the
pitfalls and  mistakes women can make when
seeking raises.  
So, if you have ever wished for more recognition, more kudos and more cash,
this book is for
Through concrete case studies and stories from former students, friends, and
colleagues, the raise rules come to life and become indispensable tools in any
woman's business arsenal.
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Also available by Laura C. Browne:
Why Can't You Communicate Like Me? How Smart
Women Get Results At Work
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