Is This The Right Time
To Ask For A Raise?
In this turbulent economy you may be reluctant to ask for a raise, but this is the perfect time
to follow the Raise Rules recommendations to show how valuable you are. If you're
concerned about your job, you need to use Results Updates to help your boss to see how
you are helping the company bottom line. And by preparing now, you can be at the top of
the list for a raise when your company starts to do better and begins to give out raises

I can help you to learn what's holding you back and what practical steps you can take to
make more money at work. If you're like most women, you're reluctant to ask for a raise.
Instead you'll hint and suggest while hoping that your boss will offer you a salary increase.
Unfortunately hinting and suggesting are not useful strategies at work.

So if you want to learn how to negotiate a salary increase,
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Raise Rules for Women.  If you’re in a hurry to get a raise, try the Quick Start audio CD with
56 minutes of practical advice. It’s also available as an MP3 download -

I have trained high potential women from Fortune 1000 companies to be better managers
and communicators through WOMEN Unlimited, a national company that helps businesses
who are concerned about women’s leadership development. I help them to find out what
they need to do to be more successful.

You can learn how to be more successful at work with Raise Rules for Women: How To
Make More Money At Work. So what are you waiting for? Start today to see what you can
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See what others have said about the book:
Nancy Loderick, Dish Editor and VP of Network Partners of the Downtown Womens Club:
“I love reading books that capture my attention right from the first paragraph. "Raise Rules
for Women," by Laura C. Browne and Jill L. Ferguson, is just such a book. …

“This book lists 7 rules for getting a raise. For each rule, the authors explain why women
may not understand the rules and therefore don't act this way. The information is presented
matter-of-factly and without judgment, which I found very refreshing. …

“The authors also provide concrete tips for succeeding with each rule. I particularly like
their admonishment, 'think what a successful man would do in this situation'."

“I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting practical and effective advice on how to
ask for a raise. This book is a good primer for anyone needing negotiation tips.”

Viviana Sutton at "Finding What Matters" says:
“Who Wants A Raise?
Why, you do, of course! The big question, naturally, is how to go about it. It seems that the
tactics we employ are the ones least likely to guarantee success (Who here has “hinted” or
“suggested” to your boss when it comes to salary issues? Or been upset or “hurt” when no
one noticed you were raise-worthy? We thought so. You can put your hands down now.)
Well, question no more. Expert Contributor Laura Browne is here, with her fabulous
new book, Raise Rules for Women: How To Make More Money At Work …

“Raise Rules for Women offers strategies and truly useful solutions to getting the raise you
deserve. We highly recommend having a look!”

To order Raise Rules,
So start today to get the raise you deserve.
Have a look around, or click the books to get started!
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Raise Rules for Women: How To Make More Money At Work
Recently featured in the USA Weekend in an article on "The Art Of Negotiation"
The 7 Raise Rules
Raise Rule #1: It's business; it's not personal
Raise Rule #2: Be confident that you deserve a raise
Raise Rule #3: Build a business case
Raise Rule #4: Work with your boss
Raise Rule #5: Ask for what you want
Raise Rule #6: Respond positively, no matter what the answer is
Raise Rule #7: No doesn't mean no forever, it means no for right now